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Protecting Life through Energy Conservation, Safety, and Security

Since our foundation in 1946, ODELIC has spent the past seven decades seeking to illuminate people's lives by providing a rich and comfortable living environment through "Light," as a manufacturer specialized in lighting appliances.

The new light source of LED, an acronym for light-emitting diode, continues to see expanded use as a light source that reduces energy consumption and contributes to the prevention of global warming. Today, LED lighting appliances account for more than 90% of our sales.

We now include lighting control features on our LED lighting appliances, enabling simple control and advanced lighting solutions that make it possible to create the optimal lighting environment for any application and to freely enjoy light tailored to the season and mood.

Our lineup spans from residential, stores, and commercial facilities to offices, factories and even outdoor lighting solutions. Our premium quality LED lighting solutions can meet the various needs of various spaces.

We recognize that lighting appliances play a major role in aging society, disaster and crisis management, as well as security. ODELIC will continue to advance research and development, while bringing new lighting products to market in a timely manner that are made under the most rigorous of quality control systems at our own factories. We will meet the needs of society using this integrated value chain that spans from development and production to distribution and sales in an effort to further support the safe, secure and comfortable lives of people around the world.

I ask for your continued patronage and support as we move forward.

Masato Ito

Masato Ito President ODELIC Company Limited

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