For the Future, as did in the Past We Will Continue to Illuminate the Society and Customers with

Odelic is a lighting manufacturer which has more than half a century of history in making lighting appliances.
We have been providing many lighting appliances from residents to commercial and public facilities.
Our strength is the ability to provide customers with products manufactured through integrated production system from product design to manufacturing and distribution.
We have achieved high level of quality control by having our factories in Japan and at the same time, we have a manufacturing system for high-mix low-volume production and cover various products to respond to various needs.
Light not only illuminates living spaces, it also creates various atmospheres.
Light for rich, convenient, and comfortable life.
We strive to improve the quality of light itself through product development and lighting plans suggestions.
In management, we fulfill our responsibility to our stakeholders with looking ahead into the future, while respecting the global environment and the relationship with the local society as a corporate citizen.
Odelic will continue to create products which only we can while valuing the mutual relationship with the society.

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